Leon Rafailov, MD

Dr. Rafailov is a board certified and fellowship-trained Ophthalmic Plastic Surgeon who focuses on a wide range of plastic and reconstructive surgery in the area around the eyes. His areas of expertise include the eyelids, forehead, mid-face, orbit, and tear ducts. He has successfully completed thousands of surgeries in reconstructive, cosmetic, functional, and orbital surgery. Dr. Rafailov is trained in advanced techniques in minimally invasive endoscopic surgery, facial reconstruction, trauma surgery, orbital surgery, oncologic surgery, and cosmetic surgery. Following college, Dr. Rafailov received his MD from SUNY Downstate and went on to complete his intern year at Yale where he split his time between general surgery, plastic surgery, internal medicine, and pediatric rotations. Following his intern year, he completed his residency in ophthalmology at Rutgers.